Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you service your pool?

Maintenance and cleanings are required in order to keep your pool safe, and clean and are recommended to be done once a week. CTB Pools offers a wide range of maintenance suited to the individual pool to make sure its safe and clean! Send us a message to get a free estimate on your pool today! 

Is there any way to prevent stains in my pool?

Yes, you can! Stains in your pool are caused by metals and minerals that come in contact with the water. CTB Pools will help reduce the appearance of stains in your pool. With a deep clean, and having the proper servicing done we can reduce and eliminate stains completely! 

What is the proper pH and alkaline balance for my pool water?

To balance the chemicals in pool water, you will need to use a test-kit to measure the pH, Calcium Hardness, Total Alkalinity, Sanitizer, and Metals, then adjust accordingly.

To ensure that your swimming pool’s pH remains stable, you should maintain a total alkalinity of 120-150 ppm. Low total alkalinity can not only result in pH bounce and fluctuations but it can also encourage corrosion and staining.

Why is it important for my pool chemical and water levels to be correct?

Balancing your pool water and making sure your chemicals for your pool are in an ideal range will ensure that you water will not harm the physical swimming pool nor the swimmers. 

How long should I run my pool equipment?

You should run your filter system for around 6 to 8 hours per day. Any longer than this it the pool filter system will start to get hot running at around 80°

How often do I need to clean my skimmer and pump baskets?

You should clean your basket regularly as this is easy maintenance that can be done within minutes. When cleaning your basket it allows the water to flow through your skimmer, and lets your pool circulate properly. If your water is restricted it can cause harm to your pump

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